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Christina Kim

About the Founder

Christina Kim, a Commercial Art major at Bergen County Technical High School, founded her non-profit inspired by her grandmother, Julia Kim. Despite her weakening physical state during chemotherapy, Julia was able to use watercolor as a therapeutic outlet giving her the strength and a means to express herself creatively. Inspired by this, Christina wholeheartedly dedicates herself to spreading a similar sense of hope among the elderly by introducing creative lesson plans into their senior facilities. Initially, the organization started with just two participants, but it has since flourished to encompass over 100 dedicated members across four senior living and activity facilities. Christina aims to create a lasting impact by nurturing compassion and community through her organization.

CaringThroughArt draws its inspiration from the remarkable journey of Julia Kim, Christina's grandmother, who bravely battled cancer. Below, we proudly showcase a collection of Julia's beautiful watercolor paintings:

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